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Radical Folk

For the past decade much of the music I have created, led, performed and produced could be classed as 'radical' or 'protest song' ... poppycock! I prefer to call it 'folk song', and I have been inspired to create, write and produce this music for a range of causes, campaigns and to explore issues I feel passionately about. Read (and listen) on to discover more...

Performances and Gigs

Whilst Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it, music and creative arts performance has adapted to not only surivive but thrive.


Read on for details of live (streamed) gigs and socially distanced performances...

Folk & Traditional Music

My passion ~ traditional, contemporary, local and world folk music! Music of the people, of the earth, of the seas, songs of life, love, work, stuggle and adventure.



I love collaborating and creating music with other musicians and I am blessed to know many magical music maker. Listen on for more music from duos, bands and collectives...



For a selection of homegrown, handmade and live films, please see and subscribe to my youtube page here:

Bethany Elen's Youtube

My Music


My music and songwriting explores the world around us; nature, people, relationships, ideas, emotions, love, loss, life and the universe.


Here's a selection of self penned and solo music...


For a selection of homegrown, handmade and live recordings...