Passions ~ Campaigns and Fundraising

Social, Racial, Climate and Economic Justice

I am a long-standing, passionately committed and active advocate and ally involved in the following local, regional, national and international campaigns, causes and movements.


Follow the links below and read on to learn more about the campaigns, causes and organisations I am actively involved with, advocate and support and for links for further reading and information as to how to become involved...



Anti~Racism & Anti-Fascism


Read on for more of my activities of anti-racism organisations including Newcastle Unites, Stand Up to Racism and NEAR.


Women's Rights


Solidarity Sisters! Howay the lasses!


Read on to discover more of the incredible women's political, education and campaigns work happening led by these many fierce, fearless, feisty, fabulous women I am so very proud to call my sisters, comrades and kin!



NHS & Public Health


A lifelong user, past volunteer and worker myself, I am a proud protector and campaigner for our incredible NHS, the backbone of our society and our proudest accomplishment!



"We thank you, we praise you, you are OUR NHS! We'll celebrate and advocate, FIGHT for you

'til the end!"



Performing my 'Song for the NHS' with the Workie Tickets at a Keep Our NHS Public rally, Newcastle, January 2017

Refugee Solidarity

Solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers, read on for more information about the causes and campaigns and organisations I support.


Performing songs of refugee solidarity, Newcastle 2015

Environment & Climate Change


Informed and inspired by my coal-mining background and heritage, I am long-standing environmental activist, read on for more information about the amazing, inspiring work and campaigns of local communities and movements I am proud to be part of...


Palestine Solidarity


A lifelong ally of the Palestinian people, a plight close to my heart and roots, I am a passionate advocate of Palestinian rights and freedoms. Visiting Palestine in 2016 was a life~changing experience; harrowing, heartbreaking and hugely inspiring. Read on for more information...


Performing at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign rally, Newcastle 2018

People's Assembly / Anti~Austerity

People's Assembly North East


Performing with NESS (NE SocialistSingers @ People's Assembly Rally, Summer 2016)

Peace and Anti~War Movement


Read on for more of my activities with Newcastle Stop the War, CND and anti~war and pro~peace campaigns


Singing my reworking of 'Universal Soldier' at the 'Stop Bombing Syria' Newcastle Stop the War Coalition protest, 2nd December 2015 


Trade Unionism, Worker's Rights


Read on for more of my activities with the Musician's Union, National Education Union and UNISON Public Services Trade Union


Performing with NESS (NE Socialist Singers @ PA NE Rally, Summer 2016

Stand Up To Trump


Read on for more of my activities with Newcastle Stand Up To Trump


Performing / Co-Chairing the Newcastle Together Against Trump rally, June 2019