Before you begin to peruse the extensive archives of choral singing activities, I shall share the following:


As the proud daughter of an accomplished organist and adventurous musician, I was born singing and was raised singing in choirs.


I have experienced and cherished the joy of group singing since I was a bairn.


I fervently believe in and advocate the power of music and group singing as a way to create and foster connection, unite people and to celebrate communities.


I advocate the miriad of personal, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, health and holsitic benefits it can bring. Believe me and trust me, I am a singer!

Each choir under my tutelage and leadership has it's own unique culutre, ethos, working practice, atmosphere and community - one created and shaped together by us, its' members.


I prefer to work collaboratively with fellow singers, participants and members of the groups and choirs I lead, developing repetoire that is responsive, bespoke and accessible for those practicing it. 


I employ an open, natural and holistic voice practice, incorporating aspects of Yogic physical and breath work, and Alexandra Technique into my physical vocal and singing practice.


Whilst the groups I lead are often bespoke, specialist and specifically tailored or designed, all are open, accessible, inclusive, welcoming and positive singing spaces in which I hope singers can learn, grow, explore and enjoy the very many benefits of communal singing.

No previous musical experience is necessary, all songs are taught 'by ear' and all learning materials and resources (audio recordings of parts, notation and lyrics sheets) are provided and adapted depending on abilities, learning styles and contexts.

Weekly Choirs ~ See Below

Women's Choirs

Pop Up / Flash Mob Choirs

Choir Archive ~ See Below


Dementia Friendly Choirs


Our dynamic dementia friendly community choirs have gone from strength to strength through out the pandemic, read on for more information...



Canny Chanters


Chopwell's first independent community choir, the Canny Chanters were established in January 2018 and until the Coronavirsu pandemic brought a halt to choir meetings, the choir met on Monday evenings at Chopwell Community Centre @ 7-8.30pm and performed in community venues, festivals, theatres and venues all over the North East.


For more information please see a link to the Canny Chanters website I created, below...


Let's Sing



....Established in....

Forces Community Choir



Delivered online during lockdown 2020/21 this choir was aimed sepcifically for members of the armed forces, their family, friends and community.


Piloted as part of a wider 'Through Soldiers Eyes' creative project, led by Durham County Council.



East Durham            Community Chorus

Established during the springtime lockdown of 2021, EDCC was an online commuity choir with a focus on singing for wellbeing, health and fun.


The group learned a diverse range of 3-6 part harmony choral pieces specially arranged by B for the musical programme of positive, uplifting and energising song!



The Globe Community Choir



Delivered as part of the 'Beat the Winter Blues' programme I devised as part of my work with the Jazz Coop / The Globe udring winter 2020/21, the wonderful online community choir ran until the programme ended in February 2021. 





Musical Mamas:             Singing Sisters


Devised during lockdown 2020/21, Musical Mama's offered a unique; safe, supportive and creative space for new mam's and first time mothers to meet, share, sing and relax.


Plans are afoot to continue to the project in 2022...




NESS ~                        North East Socialist Singers


Established in 2014, NESS are are an independent comunity collective of singers and musicians creatively campaigning for radical, political change...

The Gala Singers


The Gala Singers: Durham City's newest community choir. Established in 2019 with a focus on fun, inlcusivity and exploration of the social benefits of singing. 


The choir meet weekly at the Gala Theatre, in the heart of Durham City.

Red Dust Company Choir


Consett's first community choir, this large choir meet monthly at Citizen's House, Consett, NW Durham and enjoy the group benefits of singing in a wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere. 




Sintons Singers

 A wonderful work-place based choir based at Sinton's Law Firm in Newcastle.


The choir form annually to raise funds for 'Daft As A Brush' patient support and advocacy services. I was proud to lead them in their musical fundraising in winters 2017, 2018 and 2019.

* Picture is a photgraph of Sintons Singers performing at Eldon Square, Newcastle, Christmas 2018

Derwent Voices


A long-established choir hailing from Blackhall Mill, in the heart of the Derwent Valley.


* Picture is a photgraph of poster of Derwent Voices performance at Beamish Museum, Durham - Summer 2018