Education, Creative Compositions, Commissions

I have produced a number of commissions; compositions and learning resources for clients including:

  • Skimstone Arts ~ Unity Festival 2021, 2022
  • Durham Gala Theatre
  • bait ~ Museums Northumberland
  • Dementia Friendly Choirs
  • Gateshead Young Women and Girls Outreach Project
  • WEA / Greening Wingove
  • Wylam Winter Tales Festival
  • Martin Luther King Peace Committee (Newcastle University)
  • HMP Frankland - Songs of War, The Durham Hymns Project
  • 38 Degrees / Greenpeace / Friends of the Earth
  • WEA North East
  • Durham County Council
  • Bishop Aukland Headteachers Cluster
  • Sage Gateshead
  • Newcastle University
  • Bridge North East
  • Centre of Applied Human Rights at York University
  • Journey to Justice
  • Northumbria University
  • North East Socialist Singers
  • Better Days North East
  • Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company

I also produce bespoke compositions and commissions.

A portfolio of pieces can be shared upon request, contact me for more information.

A selection of some work...

Sunset Over Tantobie ~ Gala Theatre, Durham ~ 2020

Radio play from the heart of Durham exploring traditional & contemporary Pitmatic coal mining culture & communities

Durham Hymns ~ Songs of War @ HMP Frankland ~ 2016-17

38 Degrees / Friends of the Earth / Greenpeace

Save Druridge Bay Campaign - 2016



We’re all going on a summer holiday

Druridge Bay aint what it used to be

Our coastal wildlife, has dis-ap-pear-ed

And like the tides of our once blue sea

It’s just a mem-o-ry


We’re going where the sun aint shining

We’re going where they opencast

We’ve seen it in our nightmares

Our beaches have turned black


We’re staying home for our summer holidays     

For the air is, hard to breathe       

The coalmine’s pump-ing, gas and poisons          

From the ground, into the sea, killing you and me











The environment has been ravaged

For the sake of another coalmine

No matter how hard we wish

We cannot turn back time...

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Druridge Bay aint what it used to be....




York University ~ Applied Centre of Human Rights


Centre for Applied Human Rights' visiting human rights defenders present monologues and stories of women's journeys and struggle for rights and dignity across continents. With stories from Afghanistan, Belarus, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, Sudan and Yemen, real life mixes with metaphor in encounters that highlight how women fight common struggles in different contexts. All pieces have been written by the human rights defenders themselves.


YORK THEATRE ROYAL, 8th March 2015 @ 2PM


As part of  theatre production by the International Human Rights Defenders of the Centre of Applied Human Rights, York University. (Bethany has created music for the production and will perform this live)


Working alongside a wonderful writer and theatre maker Julia, I created music to accompany the theatre depicting women's struggles from around the world. The song was intersperced throughout the performance, the full text is below...



Join our journeys to justice

Share our stories, unsung

We are the givers of life

Let us unite as one


Our roots bounds

By ritual and roles

Remove the mask

Uncage our souls

Futures forged (by)

Tragic tradition

Echoes of ancient rhythms


Cycles of silence

Quell their cries

Culture and creed

Transcend time

She fights for freedom

On the front lines

As her spirit dreams to fly


Like fire she burns

Wise as the world

Weaves tapestries

Of truth, unheard

As strong as the tides

Moon and sun

She is mother to everyone


Education is key

To our society

Campaign for justice

Equality, peace

We must all live in hope

Know we are not alone

We are women the front lines



Find Your Voice, Songs for Change, Kulture Krew, Krocodile Krew - 2011-2014