Education ~ Adult

I've worked in adult education for over 15 years, here's a selection of some of the courses, projects, courses and productions I've been involved in...

Songsmiths and Melody Makers ~ 2017-18 @ the Jazz Coop / The Globe

WEA History & History Branch 2016 ~ Present

Twenty Twenty ~ 2020


Twenty Nineteen ~ 2019

WEA Ethel Williams Blue Plaque & TT Celebrations ~ 2019

Ethel Williams Blue Plaque Unveiling and Turbulent Times end of project celebration party!

WEA on Tour! London ~ 2019

WEA Turbulent Times ~ 2018

Music, songwriting, creative writing and research exploring the Turbulent Times of 2018-2028

WEA Pop Up Reading Rooms: Chopwell ~ 2018

The WEA returns to Little Moscow with Pop Up Reading Rooms and Dada Arts workshop...

WEA Voice From The Ruins ~ 2016



Twenty Eighteen ~ 2018

Twenty Sixteen ~ 2016