MARTIN LUTHER KING  ~  Teachers Resources - 2017

Martin Luther King Peace Committee


Building upon the work I began in 2014 developing the Journey to Justice: Footsteps to Freedom programme and the Journey to Justice: Sing for Social Justice school's songwriting project (see below), I was thrilled to be invited to contribute and co-author this resources pack for schools to teach of the life, work and legacy of Martin Luther King.


I had the opportunity to revisted previous research and develop new resources, working with a wonderful team of academics and colleagues from Newcastle and Northumbria University and our local education networks and communities.


Developed by the Martin Luther King Peace Committee in 2017 as part Freedom City 2017, a festival marking the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's trip to Tyneside, these teaching resources are to be used by teachers and educators across the curriculum including History, RE, Geography, English, PHSE, Music, Drama, Art and even Chemistry, to explore King's life, work and legacy.


I was invited to contribute to and subsequently co-authored and the Martin Luther King Peace Committee’s ‘Martin Luther King in the UK’ educational resources pack for teachers and schools.


It was a hugely interesting process and it was a pleasure work again with the amazing academics and researchers I met and worked with during my time with Journey to Justice.


I contributed to/created the music, song writing and creative writing resources and also researched and sourced photographic visuals used in the pack.


I was given an opportunity to trial some of the lesson plans at local schools and this was a hugely interesting and rewarding experience for myself, students and staff alike and we received hugely positive feedback and response to our work.


Sing For Social Justice                                                                            A Film By Hugh Kelly ~ Bridge & Tunnel Productions